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This Kibbe site is intended to be a useful place for all Kibbe researchers to share information, it does not specifically focus on my Kibbe ancestors. I'm hoping that this site can provide a connection between all Kibbe families (all spellings!). If you have any ideas or suggestions, send them on to me .. thanks! -- Scott Prentice

"Kibbe Genealogical Notes" Reprint and Transcription Project - We are looking for volunteers to help transcribe Doreen Potter Hanna's 1972 edition of "Kibbe Genealogical Notes." This entire 600+ page book will eventually be made available to all. More information...

A Brief Biography of Doreen Potter Hanna - new from the reprint!

We're working on a Notable Kibbes page, if you have any famous (or infamous) Kibbes in your family, please let me know!

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