"Kibbe Genealogical Notes"
Reprint and Transcription Project

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We have been given permission by Doreen Potter Hanna's children to reprint and transcribe her wonderful 1972 edition of "Kibbe Genealogical Notes." This book (600+ pages), often called the "Kibbe Bible," is full of information on the descendants of Edward Kibbe and Mary Partridge Kibbe who emigrated to the Boston area around 1645. Information on their descendants is carried down, in some cases, to the 1960s.

This project has two goals. One is to make this incredible book available again to Kibbe researchers. And the other is to transcribe and post this book to the Internet for all to use free of charge.

To achieve the second goal, we are enlisting the aid of all who purchase a copy of the reprint (or who may already have a copy of the 1972 edition). During the scanning process for the reprint, the text of the book was OCR'd (converted from an image to editable text by optical character recognition). We will need volunteers to verify and correct electronic versions of pages. This is done by doing a word for word comparison of the electronic version (in a word processor) against the printed copy. We have set up a system on the iRoots.Net website that allows people to "check out" digital pages for verification and correction. As the corrected pages are checked back in, they will be assembled into a growing online version of this book.

We will eventually add new information to the online version of this book, to correct and extend it. So feel free to send me any additional Kibbe information (all spellings) that you care to share.

How do I get involved?

First you need a copy of this book. For information about getting a copy, see http://www.iroots.net/books/kibbe.

Next, if you've got a copy of this book (the 1972 version), you can sign up to work on the transcription project at http://www.iroots.net/webedit.

You can contact me at the following address or by clicking the link:

Please pass this on to anyone who may be interested! -- Scott