Warren Prentice. 1827-1916, Sailor, Soldier, Early Settler

This book is, in part, a genealogy of one branch of the Prentice family and, in part, the life story of Warren Prentice (1827-1916), who was a pioneer settler in western Michigan. Although he achieved neither fame nor fortune, he was one of the many sturdy Easterners who came to Michigan during its infancy and helped convert it from a sparsely-settled and little-used Indian hunting ground into a well-organized and productive state by the end of the nineteenth century. By perseverance and hard work, he eked out a modest living from his farm and, together with wife Betsey, raised a family of four children. The book also traces the lineage of these four offspring and each of their descendants.

If the book in any way gives you added knowledge or a better understanding of the early settlers and the sacrifices they made to make our lives easier for us today, or gives you greater pride in your heritage, our efforts in compiling the information will not have been wasted.


Willard J. Prentice (1908-2000) [obituary], published his original 171 page book in 1986 and produced a 39 page supplement in 1994. This book includes numerous family photos as well as historical Michigan photos and maps. Also included are fold-out family trees.

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8-1/2" x 11" with cardstock covers and screw/post binding. Corners bumped and possible folds to covers and pages. Some wear but no significant damage.