Ebenezer Gay, Jr's Record of Deaths in his Parish.

Ebenezer Gay, Jr. served as pastor of the first Congregational Church in Suffield Connecticut from 1796 to 1826. He kept a diary of the deaths in the community from 1795 to 1814. The original manuscript (currently stored at the Kent Memorial Library in Suffield) is difficult to read and in fragile condition.

A mimeographed copy of a typed transcription of the diary was purchased by the editor from Tuttle Antiquarian Books, in Rutland, Vermont, in 1997. Neither the librarian at the Kent Memorial Library nor the curator at the Suffield Historical Society were aware of the existance of a typed transcription of this diary. It is currently unknown who transcribed the original diary, but it is likely that a woman named Frances Edwards, who dealt with old books and manuscripts may have been the person.

The records in this book were copied from the typed transcription of the original document. Extreme care has been taken to reproduce the typed transcription as faithfully as possible. This allows the reader to make his or her own assumptions about missing information or misspelled words. The following items should be noted:

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